Undiscovered Damage

Owning a second home should be a source of joy and relaxation, a personal sanctuary away from the routine of your daily stressful life.  

However an underlining specter of worry often lurks at the back of your mind... "is everything ok?"  Did last night's ice storm cause undiscovered damage?

Unforeseen damages, especially at a property located hours away from your primary residence, can cause any homeowner anxiety. 

If the power and local internet are offline due to trees down on wires or other storm-related problems you probably won't be able to reach your Ring or Blink cameras.  Most property owners place the cameras near the entrances or pointing out towards their driveway. They are watching for porch pirates and trespassers.

Can you actually see the HOUSE on camera?  If a tree in the backyard fell on the house or garage, how would you know?

Tree on garageGarage crushed by fallen White Pine tree.

This narrative can be flipped with a remarkable, cost-effective solution - a home watch service.

Think about a storm that blows a tree or large limb onto your cabin, damaging your roof or window.   This is a fairly common problem in the Poconos where traditionally homes have been tucked into the forest for both privacy and to maintain the natural aesthetic.

This undiscovered damage could be relatively minor, but can quickly escalate into a more significant problem as an unattended broken window or damaged roof may result in serious water leaks. 

This may initiate a destructive cycle, leading to the potential for mold growth in saturated insulation, buckling hardwood flooring or water logged drywall that could result in expensive repairs.

Damage in an unoccupied home can be minor or major and generally escalate due to late detection.  The financial implications can be gruesome, devaluing your property and causing distress. 

Now let's suppose these incidents could be discovered quickly?  This is precisely where home watch services can be of substantial benefit.

Tree DamageTree and water damage on cabin.

A reliable home watch service comes into the frame by virtue of regular or post-storm inspections.  These inspections, conducted at regular intervals or after every storm event, can detect potential damages, saving you money and bringing you peace of mind.  

After each inspection you would be notified of any damage and  could decide how to proceed, if your insurance company needs to be notified, solicit contractor estimates, etc. 

Roof leak damage bRoof leak damage to kitchen ceiling.

Home watch service plays the pivotal role of guardian, consistently checking for visible issues.  

The potential health risks mold poses are something everyone would rather avoid.  Eliminating mold can be costly and intensive – a financial and health stress no homeowner should be burdened with. 

Being alerted to a minor leak before it becomes a major problem provides return on investment and ensures your well-being.

Roof leak damage aRoof leak damage on wall.

Consider pest infestations.  These uninvited guests can find an empty home as an ideal breeding ground, which could lead to damaging and expensive consequences.  The pests can gnaw through wiring, wood or other integral parts of your home.

A home watch service can spot pest infestations during their routine checks and notify property owners and schedule necessary treatments with a local pest control company. 

Their proactive inspections and arrangements for treatment and preventive care services can catch the problem before it gets out of hand.

Damage to house from fallen treeHome damage made by fallen tree.

A vigilant home watch service can make all the difference. 

Early detection of problems will prevent potential hazards while saving you both anxiety and money.

This service thus provides you a vital path to peace of mind. A knowledgeable home watch service can deal with any minor problems before they snowball into disasters unobserved. This is what you call buying peace of mind.

The costs incurred in a home watch service are an intelligent investment when you consider the costs of potential damage repairs you could face otherwise.

It's a worthwhile decision that ensures that your second home  or rental  investment is protected and maintained.

Screen room damageScreen room damage. Caused by wind, animal or intruder?

The current world economy is unpredictable.  This uncertainty boosts the demand for wise decisions.  Hiring a home watch service offers security and peace of mind.

Remember, you have invested a substantial amount of money in your second home.   The beauty of engaging the services of a home watch service is that you not only safeguard your investment, but you also save on repair costs that could run into thousands of dollars.

The result of this good investment can be felt when you can genuinely relax knowing your second home is in safe hands.  This means you get to enjoy your vacation rather than worry about cleaning up a mess or making repairs.

Ultimately, no homeowner should have to deal with the stress of discovering damage to their second residence days or weeks after it occurred. 

Choose a home watch service today, and protect your investment while also ensuring your vacation destination remains a worry-free source of relaxation and joy, not an assurance of costly repairs. 

With such services, you are investing in peace of mind, mitigating stress, managing repair costs and securing your second home investment.  It's indeed a wise return on investment.

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