What services does Home Watch provide?

A home watch service can provide many different services depending on your needs.

Some absent homeowners may just want regular and post storm checks of the property, any debris that has blown into the yard removed and confirmation that the lights, whether motion activated or left on timers are functioning.

Owners of properties that are occasionally rented or used by extended family members may have greater needs, including a post-occupant walk through to ensure that perishable foods are removed, automatic ice systems are off, trash and recycling bins have been stowed after the final pick up and the property is secure.

Roe Property Services can handle all of this and more.

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Talk about porch pirates, deliveries damaged after being left out in the rain, theft from empty homes.

**** Link to porch pirates article - https://www.inquirer.com/business/porch-piracy-law-pennsylvania-mail-theft-felony-20231219.html

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Home watch services work with seasonal residents, snowbirds, realtors as well as private owners of Airbnb and Vrbo rentals to provide caretaker service, primarily during the winter and spring while homes are vacant.

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